Epic Entrepreneurs Podcast

Listen in as our very own Jay Cope and Chris Harrin share their business journey; how they got their start and addressed pain points as they grew their small remodeling business into the construction powerhouse it is today. Listen Here   Credit to Bill Gilliland author of the best-selling book “The Coach Approach”. 

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How to Prep For A Kitchen Remodel

Even the best home cooks can only be so inspired in a kitchen that has olive green appliances and a peeling linoleum floor. So why put off that kitchen remodel you’ve been considering? If it’s the expense, whatever you do, don’t decide to DIY this home improvement project.  Even the tiniest kitchen update can go awry and end up costing … Read More

Male and Female Contractors Overlooking Kitchen Drawing Transition to Completed Project.

Architects, Engineers, General Contractors—Oh, My!

Committing to your dream home remodeling project is a serious decision. You think you’ve overcome the biggest hurdle, but now you don’t know who to call. Do you need a general contractor? Or was it an architect? Maybe you read somewhere you’ll require an engineer?  Before you throw your hands in the air and forget why you wanted to remodel in … Read More

2019 Third Quarter Newsletter

TOP COMPANY NEWS & TRENDS – Q3Welcome to the 2019 Third Quarter Newsletter from Semper Fi Custom Remodeling. In this edition, see before and after pictures of our latest completed project – Kanawha Kitchen. You can also learn about how to make sure you think about your kitchen when you remodel for Aging in Place. And as always, don’t forget … Read More

2019 Second Quarter Newsletter

The 2019 Second Quarter Newsletter from Semper Fi Custom Remodeling is available now. In this addition, see before and after pictures of our latest completed project – Hi-Vu. You can also learn about how to live and manage your stress through a remodel project.

2019 First Quarter Newsletter

We are changing quickly within a fast-paced remodeling industry. Each yearly quarter we are transforming, taking on more remodeling projects, and learning more about popular trends within our field.