Custom Remodeling Services

We believe that excellence begins with world-class building experiences and ends with down to earth client-builder relationships.

With a team of experienced professionals, we are here to turn your dream home into reality. From trade specialist to residential designers, we will help design and manage your home remodeling project from beginning to end with dedicated personal attention on adding beauty, elegance, and functionality to your space. We are punctual and reliable, delivering quality work while maintaining complete respect for your property.

Renewing your livable spaces.


If the improvements you’d like are not confined to one area of the house, we would be happy to accommodate your project, big or small. From opening up floor plans to adding square footage to interior spaces or upgrades to outdoor areas, we can make your house the home you want to live in by understanding your needs and styles. As a licensed general contractor, we will manage every aspect of your project making the process easy and enjoyable. We’ll help you turn your dreams into reality!


Kitchens are the often under appreciated gathering places that fill a house with life. Our experience remodeling kitchens makes us the ideal partner. If you are in need of anything from a minor kitchen update to a more sweeping improvement, our team is ready to create your ideal kitchen. Not only is a stylishly up-to-date kitchen a joy to cook in, it also raises the value of a home. Whether you are in need of new cabinetry, a more accommodating floor plan, chef-friendly prep areas, or an entirely new space to make your culinary creations, we know how to make your kitchen a beautiful and functional space for you and your guests.

Kanawha Kitchen Remodel


Bathrooms don’t always age well. However, bathroom remodels are another area of our remodeling expertise. From clawfoot tubs, elegant tile work, up-to-date fixtures and opening up the way the light fills the room, Semper Fi can upgrade your home’s bathroom into a rejuvenated and comfortable space.


Older homes are full of history and character. However, they may need to be modernized and updated in order to keep up with growing families and changing comfort preferences. If your home is in need of a whole home remodel, our experience in bringing new life to old bones makes us perfectly suited. We can assist you in making your entire home safe, comfortable, and functional.


Everyone would prefer living comfortably and independently in their own home for as long as possible. We have been certified as an Aging-In-Place Specialist by the National Association of Home Builders. We are well qualified to renovate your home in order to accommodate all ages and ability levels. We are specially trained to modify homes into safe and independent living environments for aging adults. And we are also capable of helping younger individuals prepare for the future with our Universal Design concepts and techniques. Additionally, no one, young or elderly, is prepared to deal with traumatic and emergency situations. If such situations occur, we can modify your home to accommodate your acute or long-term situation.


If you and your family or business are in need of something other than an updated home, Semper Fi can help. Whether it be a new sign for your business, a new garage door for your home, a renovated barn for your farm, or an updated deck addition to entertain friends and family, we would be happy to assist you with all the resources you need for a variety of projects. Our knowledge of building codes and permits, as well as our accreditations and pool of resources make us your community’s go-to project managers.

Why We Use CoConstruct

We utilize an in-depth project management software package to ensure transparency on all aspects of your project from selections to scheduling to your budget. For you, CoConstruct is your easy-to-use communication platform. For your convenience, you can login to CoConstruct directly from our webpage. Click on the CoConstruct Login button at the top of our website and login to either track the progress of your remodeling project, make selections, or send us a message. For more information, click the link below and watch our short, informative video introducing you to the benefits of this software.