Over the years, your house becomes your home, your sanctuary, and the place you feel most comfortable. But as one ages, sometimes that home can cause problems with accessibility and comfort. Everyone would prefer living comfortably and independently in their own home for as long as possible, but it’s important that your home can meet your needs as you age.

Semper Fi Custom Remodeling is an award-winning certified Aging-In-Place Specialist by the National Association of Home Builders. We are well qualified to renovate your home in order to accommodate all ages and ability levels. We are specially trained to modify homes into safe and independent living environments for aging adults. We are also capable of helping younger individuals prepare for the future with our Universal Design concepts and techniques

No one, young or elderly, is prepared to deal with traumatic and emergency situations. In addition to our aging-in-place specialties, we can modify your home to accommodate your acute or long-term situation if you were to ever find yourself or a family member in such a situation. 

We know that dealing with lack of mobility or independence is a tough road to walk down. That is why our team of licensed general contractors in Asheville and Black Mountain will work hard to hear your needs and concerns and develop a customized plan specifically for you.