Semper Fi Custom Remodeling aims to provide our clients with the best results and experience. We cannot do that without our Trade Partners. 

We have assembled a brief outline of what we expect from our trade partners and what you can expect from us. After reading through the list, if you agree with the “Rules of the Game,” we encourage you to submit the form below. You will be added to our trade partners list and a Project Manager will contact you if the need arises.

Rules of the Game:

    1. The Trade Partner will provide Semper Fi Custom Remodeling with a quote for the work being requested. 
    2. We use the CoConstruct software for all scheduling, specifications, and scope of work. You will be given tasks and schedule updates through Co-Construct, sent to either your phone or email. This is designed to streamline communications.
    3. We respect everyone’s time off. Communication is expected to be conducted in a reasonable time period during regular business hours: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 
    4. Quality, form, and function of work will be completed in accordance with the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines outlined by the Nation Association of Home Builders and in compliance with the North Carolina Building Code.
    5. Any reasonable changes made to plans, materials used, time needed, unforeseen circumstances, or any other portion of the work must be addressed by and agreed upon between Contractor and Trade Partner prior to any changes taking place. Changes cannot be made directly between the you and Homeowner. They must be made with the Project Manager.
    6. Trade Partner agrees to maintain a Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Insurance while work is performed on a Semper Fi Custom Remodeling jobsite. A current Certificate of Insurance must be remitted to Semper Fi Custom Remodeling prior to commencement of work. If you do not maintain the required insurance for the duration of the project, Semper Fi will withhold the amount equal to the applicable insurance rates from the invoice. Any visitors/workers must take proper safety precaution in and around the work site.
    7. A completed W-9 must be submitted prior to starting work. 
    8. A clean jobsite is expected at the end of each day. You will remove any debris, equipment, etc. from the property upon completion of the job or place it in a designated jobsite dumpster.
    9. Smoking should be outside and at least 50 feet from any entrance. All cigarette butts must be properly disposed of.
    10. No food should be in the direct working area and no food waste should be thrown in the dumpster. This is to reduce the attention from bears and other wildlife in the area. 
    11. As a representative of Semper Fi Custom Remodeling, the expectation is that all personnel must act professionally and courteously. This means no foul language or vulgar music. Please keep music volume to a reasonable level.

The following is our payment process to help us pay you quickly. 

  1. Invoices will be paid weekly on Friday or, the previous business day when the Friday falls on a holiday. 
  2. The invoice will only be paid if, the Project Manager has confirmed the work is completed as agreed. 
  3. All invoices must be received by 8 am on Thursday. 
  4. Any invoice received after 8 am on Thursday will be processed the following week. No hand written checked will be issued for invoices due to a late submission. 
  5. Checks will generally be delivered by the following Friday. Since the checks are sent through the bank and are out of Semper Fi’s control, there are some variables in delivery times. If you do not receive your check in 10 days, please reach out to the Project Manager. 

If you have additional questions, please call (828) 279-6703 or email [email protected].

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