Our Team


At Semper Fi, our team aims to restore faith in small, locally owned building companies and the people who run them. As a company focused on remodeling, we provide a tailor-made experience that a new home builder cannot. We pride ourselves on our reliability, integrity and trustworthiness through every step of a remodel. Through our commitment and excellent communication, we foster strong relationships with the people we serve.

In 2010, we built our first home with our childhood mentor and it was then that we discovered our innate passion for building homes. Building that home and bonding with the homeowner during the project was ultimately the reason why we founded our organization. We were both raised in a service-oriented family; Chris’ father was a plumber and Jay’s mom and grandmother owned an antique shop in Black Mountain. Growing up in such families taught us that the relationships we build with people are just as valuable as the services we provide. Due to the lessons our family and childhood mentor taught us, as well as our passion for building client-builder relationships, we have specialized our focus on remodeling homes. Remodeling spaces versus building houses allows us to utilize our passion for building, as well as our desire to work closely with our clients.


CEO and Operations Manager



Colleen Moore

Administrative Manager


Lead Carpenter


Safety Manager & Assistant Carpenter


Site & Material Manager