A green building is a building that from its design, construction and use,  reduces or eliminates negative environmental impacts and can create positive impacts instead. Any type of building can be a green building, whether it’s a home, an office, a school, a hospital, a community centre, or something else. 

When you make the decision to go green in your remodeling project, you are not only contributing to energy efficiency and resource conservation, but you are also creating a more durable and healthy environment in your home. Because of these effects, when you choose to lie in a green built home, you now have a healthier place to live with reduced energy bills, improved comfort, and lower maintenance costs.  Our team of licensed contractors at Semper Fi Custom Remodeling will work with you throughout the entire building process to determine your needs and desires for sustainability. 

While we are happy to help you create a green home from the start of building, you don't need to remodel a whole home to be green to see and feel the difference. If you are wanting to make changes to your current home to improve your energy efficiency, Semper Fi can also help with that. From better insulation and windows to installing energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems, we are your experienced and knowledgeable green remodelers.