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5 Important Dos and Don’ts for Remodeling Your Home


new kitchen remodel with dining room and island

Ahhh, the ubiquitous home remodel. For some, the idea is an exciting pursuit filled with possibilities. For others, it’s overwhelming and confusing. Fear not! There’s a middle ground where dreams and challenges meet to create inspired home renovations. Follow a few simple dos and don’ts, and you’ll have a revitalized home in no time.

Our Five Dos and Don’ts for Your New-ish Home

  1. Don’t Assume

    Whether it’s your abilities, knowledge, or budget, don’t assume you know everything. If you took a woodshop class in high school or if you know how to build a bookshelf, that’s outstanding. It doesn’t mean you know how to install countertops or a shower. When it comes to larger projects like bathroom and kitchen remodels, you’ll need an electrician and a plumber on site to do the heavy lifting. You may even need someone to pull permits for you if you add to your house. Remodeling is challenging, and it’s okay to ask the professionals for help as renovation projects can oftentimes be more than you can handle. Their expertise can help you acquire the correct materials for the project while ensuring the remodel reflects your style and budget.

  2. Do Stay True

    Think about your home’s style and the way your family uses it. You should stay true to your home’s existing style. Focus on functionality and consider your home’s resale value. For instance, a country cabin will feel extra cozy with a master bathroom remodel that includes a clawfoot tub and upgraded fresh, bright, white tile. Update that same residence’s kitchen with a new gas range, hardwood floors, and a farmhouse sink, and the functionality has increased, as has its worth.

  3. Do Have a Plan

    Don’t start working without a plan. Before you move your furniture and strip the wallpaper, get a clear idea on what you want in your new space. This includes making sure everyone in your home is on the same page. You may think everyone wants the new master bedroom painted sage when only one of you does. Don’t break out the sledgehammer until everyone’s agreed that the wall needs to be removed to make way for the nursery. Being on the same page will ensure the project runs smoothly and keeps within the budget.

  4. Don’t Wait to Order

    Start ordering and plan ahead chances are you’ll finish your remodel happier (and sooner!) if you order before construction gets underway. After all, there’s no time like the present. It’s not uncommon for lead times to change based on product availability. For instance, it’s not unheard of for the fridge to show up on time and the range to be on backorder. Or the marble tile arrives weeks before expected, but it’s not the color you want. Flexibility will be necessary even if you are ahead of schedule.

  5. Don’t Start Before You Have What You Need

    Practicing patience is difficult, especially when it comes to improving your surroundings. That’s why we recommend ordering early. If you start on the kitchen renovation and the new gas oven is late, you could be without a place to cook for the family for weeks-even months. A bathroom remodel could go sideways if your shower is out of commission for three weeks because the fixtures are lost in the mail. The waiting game pays off in the end when it comes to remodeling. Have all your pieces, parts, fixtures, and finishings, and you’ll be better prepared for a smooth project.

Though anyone can attempt a home remodel, that doesn’t mean they should. A guest room, family room, or nursery would be the best places to start if you have the DIY-bug. There are excellent resources online and plenty of videos on YouTube.

For more significant projects that require multiple trades like bathroom and kitchen remodels, a general contractor is your best bet for getting the job done on budget and on time. They will oversee all the moving pieces of the project and communicate with the team to ensure a smooth remodel.

Want to know more? Reach out to the Semper Fi team. We’ll remodel your bathroom or kitchen the way you want it!